The Karuna Shakti Center for Yoga and Meditation is located in the old hay loft of a beautifully converted barn in Stuyvesant Falls, NY. Downstairs is a guest house for visiting Sadhus, who generally stay there during the summer for rest and renewal between their yearly pilgramages to India, and their busy teaching schedules.

Outside are several acres of lawns and perennial gardens, a vegetable garden with few vegetables and a very healthy woodchuck, the Reddy kids (three world traveling yoga sadhakas) and their friends, and at the moment a big pile of kittens.

Karuna Shakti began as a community gathering place, where friends from a small Vaisnava community would gather to practice Bhakti Yoga; mainly the traditional chanting Vedic of mantras (kirtan), in praise of Radha and Krishna, and for feasting together. It has now expanded into a gathering space for a larger community of Yogis and Yoginis from all walks of life, and many different spiritual traditions, who all want to savor the practice of yoga together in a fun and open environment, and who are to learning and growing together.

- Keli Lalita (Kate) Reddy, August 2007


  • "Keli is a fabulous teacher and has a beautiful spirit! Her teaching style is gentle and calming, and she provides helpful assists to her students. And her massages are out of this world! The yoga studio is an incredible space as well. A great place to go this winter to cleanse your mind and body."
    Reshma Thakkar
  • "Working with Kate has definitely altered my life course. She has brought way more than yoga into my life. Beyond the workshops, seminars, and hindu worship she brings to the table, her energy and enthusiasm and deep commitment to yoga practice make the experience fun, meaningful and enriching every time. And we've been working together for well over a year!"
    - Chrisie Cordrey
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